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NHL: Connor McDavid takes charge of Sidney Crosby, wins Penguins in Oilers

NHL: Connor McDavid takes charge of Sidney Crosby, wins Penguins in Oilers

The Edmonton Oilers captain won a 5-2 victory over the Pittsburgh Penguins in the game between Conor McDavid and Sidney Crosby on Wednesday.

McDavid had one goal and three assists per game, while Crosby was limited to one assist.

Zach Heyman has definitely been enjoying himself since arriving in Edmonton. After accepting a pass from his captain, he thwarted striker Tristan Jarry with a good accurate throw.

The aftershock for the penguins came less than 10 minutes later. Crosby won the showdown and ended up pinching Jake Goentzel’s wand. His throw shook the strings to level the mark.

McDavid’s speed was in the spotlight after that. Defend the penguins with the wrong foot to meet Heyman 2-on-1. The latter fired an accurate reception shot for his second goal in the match.

The two teams traded another goal before MacDavid relegated to fifth gear. The captain sprinted into the neutral zone to retrieve a Leon Drystle pass. Then his passes were perfect for Yvan Bouchard who made it 4-2.

Moments later McDavid handed it to Hyman who pushed the disc into an empty cage, but the target was disallowed for offside. Hats thrown on the ice for the hat were useless.

MacDavid sought to give Heyman another chance to complete a hat-trick as the net was empty late in the game, but the Penguin was keeping an eye on the attacker, so McDoyd himself pushed the redline drive to end his evening.