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NHL: CH worked hard but lost in overtime to the stars

NHL: CH worked hard but lost in overtime to the stars


MONTREAL – NHL video officials may soon start giving gray hair to interim Canadian coach Martin St. Louis.

John Kleinberg scored his second goal in overtime The Dallas Stars beat Montreal 4-3 Thursday night at the Bell Center.

Klingberg was penalized earlier in overtime, but the Canadian was unable to hit the target. The Stars defender played the hero moments later, scoring on his return as Tyler Seguin appeared to interfere with Jake Allen’s work in the goalkeeping area.

No hiccups, Klingberg decides in controversy

St-Louis had already taken charge of the locker room when it was reported that the central NHL had decided to review the sequence. Officials concluded that Seguin attempted to play a disc in the goal area and confirmed that the goal was fine.

“From my perspective, when I watch the play, I see that the player is in the goalkeeper’s area and touches Jake’s shield, as St. Louis pointed out. It’s not a decision I like, but I’m still a young man in my coaching career and I have to respect it.”

St. Louis lost their first goalie challenge on March 5, against the Edmonton Oilers.

As for the rest of the match, the Canadian fought well, but suffered a fourth loss in his last five matches.

“It was an exciting match, I’m sure for the fans, and for me as a coach. It’s a pity not to win, but I’m happy with the way the players played,” St. Louis insisted.

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Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield each had a goal and assist, while Corey Scheuenemann scored his first goal in the National Hockey League for Al-Kindi (16-36-9). On his first start since Jan. 12, when he sustained a lower-body injury, Allen held 31 shots.

At the all-star level (33-23-3), Jimmy Benn scored a goal and a assist, while Radek Faxa shook the ropes. Jake Oettinger saved 28 balls.

In addition to Allen, Christian Dvorak has also returned to the Canadians team. The American Center had missed the last 19 housing complexes with a neck injury.

Jesse Yellonen and Kayden Primo traded a Laval Rocket to make room for Allen and Dvorak on the roster.

The Canadians will play their next game on Saturday when they host the Ottawa Senator members.

Still on a roller coaster

Allen was quickly put to the test, having to stop two shots from scratch from Roope Hintz in the early moments of the match before proceeding to do so.Miraculous gauntlet save against Michael RaffelAfter five minutes of playing.

At the other end of the ice, Oettinger also distinguished himself with a good right-handed save against Mike Hoffman.

The stars finally opened the scoring with 1:27 to go in the first half. Hatch saved a shot from Ravel behind Allen.

The show was less lively in the second period, but the Canadian tied the match at 9:36. Coffield took advantage of a cross from Suzuki to defeat Oettinger in one time.

The stars regained the lead before the end of the second half. Ben hit the mark with 4:09 to goTaking advantage of a favorable jump from the squad behind the Canadian nets.

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Allen kept the Canadians in the game with another great save from Joe Pavelsky early in the third half.

His teammates thanked him for tying the match up at 8:52, with teams advancing from four to four. Suzuki was patient in front of Oettinger, who waived, and only had to push the disc into the slot.

Hintz nearly gave the Stars the chance later on in a similar fake, after Petry sprinted to negate a disallowed kick. However, he missed the point.

Spectators were yelling to encourage Schueneman to shoot when he made them happy and unleashed a long shot. Two of his teammates blocked Oettinger’s sight and the puck moved the ropes at 12:47.

The Canadian lead in the game was short-lived. Kleinberg stunned Allen from the 2:27 slot later.

Joel Jeremiah was penalized with 1:19 remaining in the regulation time for Oettinger stumbling behind his own net. The Canadian got away with it, thanks in particular to two banned shots from Jake Evans.

The Canadian, in turn, had a numerical advantage in overtime, but was unable to capitalize on it.

Klingberg finally made the cut by capitalizing on his comeback with 9.7 seconds of overtime. The judges consulted the replay video before deciding there were no hits against Allen in the sequence.

Other locker room echoes:

Christian Dvorak has met a completely different Canadian after being on the sidelines since January 24.

“The team is very different. The guys are having fun and we play a fun style of pace and rhythm. Everyone is confident on the ice. I was happy to be back.”

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Corey Scheunemann was happy to score his first goal in the National Hockey League. He even said it was because spectators were yelling for him to get fired, which he did.

“That’s why I shot!” I think it came from Section 14…! »

The winning goal should have been disallowed according to Allen

“It’s not a decision I like.”

Was there interference with the winning goal?

Gallagher leaves for the infirmary

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