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NHL: Canadiens down 4-0 at Seattle Kraken


MONTREAL – I hope no one dares blame the powder blue Canadiens jersey for this grueling performance against the Seattle Kraken, who at Bell Center enjoyed a 4-0 victory.

Here are our notes for the evening, which visitors dominated from start to finish.

1 team on 1Dr a period

Martin St. Louis had to ask many questions behind his bench in the first period. Drawing on Saturday night’s game, the Canada coach believed his team was on its way to reclaiming its identity from the start of the season.

Instead, he witnessed the exact opposite during the first period when his stick was swallowed whole by Seattle’s sea monster.

A mishandled 19-6 in terms of shots, CH saw the Kraken go 3-0 with alarming ease.

Eli Tolvanen, Daniel Sprung and Vince Dunn waved the ropes behind the pounding Samuel Montem├ębault in relief for Jake Allen who had to pull out with an injury.

It is not for nothing that this period ended under the boos of the masses.

This was the 41st match of the Montreal clan, which indicates half of the schedule and above all that there is still a lot of work to do.

Allow the goal even though there are too many defensive defenders

When coaches watch footage from a match, they hope to find answers to their coaching problems. Without fear of error, we can conclude that St. Louis will handle poorly the fact that his team continues to allow goals even when it takes advantage of a crowded defensive situation.

The scene has happened a lot in recent weeks and Tolvanen’s goal has been added to the list of examples. There were more Canadian players than the Kraken when they arrived in the Montreal area. Normally, a Kraken’s push would have been easily countered, but it ended with a goal that was difficult for a trainer to comprehend.

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Whether it’s defensive mistakes or wanting to do more to help his partners, the Canadian must curb this bad habit.

Evans tries to turn things around

The sudden and unexpected union of Jake Evans, Joel Jeremiah and Evgeny Dadonov continued its very interesting work. This trio was once again the best unit in CH.

Even Dadunov should have scored one goal if not two. Such a production would have boosted the morale of the troops while the rare offensive breakthroughs of Cole Cofield, Nick Suzuki and Juraj Slavkowski were insufficient.

Let’s add that Evans also stood out for his fighting ability and there was no doubt a mix of frustration in the equation. Sprong and Adam Larsson were among the holdouts seeing that Evans did not want to accept that the match would be too easy for the Kraken.

Kraken loves opposing rinks

By imposing itself in the Montreal Coliseum, taste Kraken 13H A win away from home puts this team in fifth place in the NHL.

With a defense that yields very little for the Canadians and a very productive offense, the recipe traps many prey in the Kraken’s claws.

Dave Hakstol’s team also relies on players who are great to watch like rookie Matty Beniers as well as players who can upset the opposition like Sprong. Chris Weidman had a lot to say for the latter.

It was the first game in a very busy week for CH. Thursday, the organization will be honoring some PK Subban as part of the Predators visit. On Saturday, you will continue to visit the home of the islanders, and on Sunday, to the legendary Rangers arena.

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More details to come.