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NHL: Bruins cut ties with Mitchell Miller

NHL: Bruins cut ties with Mitchell Miller

Mitchell Miller’s story is over. A few days after his signature was announced, the Boston Bruins announced that they had cut ties with Miller.

“The Bruins have made the decision today to part with Mitchell Miller,” Bruins general manager Cam Neely said.

Boston announced, Friday, the signing of the 20-year-old defender, a news that sparked controversy in the world of hockey. Miller, the Coyotes’ fourth-round pick for 2020, was released by Arizona after reports emerged that Miller bullied a black classmate with developmental disabilities in 2016.

Saturday NHL Commissioner, Gary Bateman declares Miller ineligible to play in the NHL Currently. Many Bruins players, Including Captain Patrice BergeronThey also announced their unease about Miller’s signing with Boston.

“The decision to sign this young man was made after a long study of the facts we knew: a 14-year-old made a terrible decision that led to the condemnation of the event. We viewed the situation as an isolated incident and believed that he had taken important measures to recover and participated in the process of personal development. Based on On these facts, we offered him a contract,” Nellie explained in a statement.

“Based on the new information, we believe the best decision at this time is to dismiss Miller’s opportunity to represent the Bruins. We hope he can continue to work with professionals and programs to maximize his education and personal development.”

In particular, Bergeron said, ahead of the Bruins’ game against the Maple Leafs, on Saturday, that this signing goes against the culture of the Bruins and that the squad’s players have not supported this type of behavior, adding that inclusivity, respect and diversity. The core values ​​were in the locker room.

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“We regret that this decision has overshadowed the wonderful work of our organization members supporting inclusion and diversity,” Neely admitted in his press release. We will continue to stand against bullying and racism in all its forms. »

“To Isaiah and his family, I deeply apologize if this signature made you and all victims feel invisible and unheard. We apologize for the profound suffering and impact we have caused.”

Neely will speak to the media on Monday.