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NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the Seattle Seahawks in Munich

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the Seattle Seahawks in Munich

MUNICH – Tom Brady went unbeaten away from the United States by throwing two touchdown passes that helped the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeat the Seattle Seahawks 21-16 on Sunday in their first-ever National League game. Regular season football is played in Germany.

Joining Julio Jones and Chris Goodwin by air, Brady added Leonard Fournette leading the race for the hacker (5-5), who ended the Seahawks’ winning streak in four straight games (6-4).

Despite the loss, the Seahawks are guaranteed to remain #1 in the National Conference’s Western Division standings.

American football fans from Germany filled the stands of the Allianz Arena for this historic match.

“It was one of the best football experiences I’ve ever had,” seven-time Super Bowl champion Brady told reporters after the game. That says a lot for his 23 years in the league and for a regular game of the season. I think the fan turnout has been amazing. It was very electric as soon as we got into the field. The end of the match, when they sang “Sweet Caroline” and “Country Roads”, was pretty epic. I think everyone who was involved in this experience experienced something incredible, a memory for the rest of their lives. So thanks for hosting us, we appreciate it. Thanks. »

For their part, the pirates delivered the goods with a balanced performance on the attack that allowed them to organize three long attack pushes that lead to as many landings as possible.

“Hopefully, German fans got what they wanted,” Brady told NFL Network’s Sarah Walsh. A nice victory for our team, we needed it. We played against a good opponent. Our defense played well and we’re glad we struggled and found a way to win. »

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Backrunner Rashad White started the game on the backcourt and lifted 105 yards on 22 buggies.

Facing a 21-3 deficit, Gino Smith threw touchdown passes to Tyler Lockett and Marquis Goodwin to cut the Buccaneers’ lead to 21-16 with 3:58 remaining.

After Lockett’s touchdown made the score 21-9, the Seahawks attempted a failed two-point conversion.

Smith finished the game with 23 completions in 33 attempts for 275 yards.

For his part, Brady completed 22 of the 29 passes he attempted for 258 yards.

He added Germany to his international winning streak, having won two games in London and one in Mexico City with the New England Patriots.

Brady is the first NFL quarterback to start a regular season game in three countries outside the United States.