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NFL: Quarterback Baker Mayfield thanked Cleveland fans

NFL: Quarterback Baker Mayfield thanked Cleveland fans

Hours after the Cleveland Browns met quarterback Deshaun Watson, quarterback Baker Mayfield thanked Cleveland fans for hosting him and his family.

“With so many doubts, this is where my heart and head are,” he wrote at the beginning of his joint post on social media.

“The past four years have been nothing short of major changes in my life since Cleveland called my name in the draft. It’s not a message with hidden meaning. I just want to thank the City of Cleveland for having me and my family. We have many memories and have grown through our ups and downs.”

“I have no idea what is going to happen which explains my silence in the process. I can only control what is in my power, and this is to believe the Lord’s plan in the process. I gave everything to this organization. It is something I have done on all levels and I will not change no matter what. The place where I get discounts. I just want to thank the supporters who accepted me with the mentality of joining this city of toilers,” he continued.

Prior to meeting Watson, Browns management hinted that Mayfield would remain the team’s quarterback. Mayfield is recovering from shoulder surgery and should be fine for training camp. There is only one year left on his contract with the apprentice, with a salary of $19 million.

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