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NFL: Patriots' game-ending blunder gives Raiders victory

NFL: Patriots’ game-ending blunder gives Raiders victory

Instead of heading into overtime, the giveaway from the New England Patriots allowed Chandler Jones to score a defensive touchdown on the last play of the fourth quarter to give the Las Vegas Raiders a 30-24 win on Sunday.

After taking a 17-3 lead, the Raiders again allowed the opposing team to come back in the second half. 34 yards from Ramondri Stephenson In the fourth quarter he gave the Pats a 24-17 lead.

With less than a minute remaining, Derek Carr joined Keelan Cole in the end zone 30 yards for a touchdown. Officials checked them to see if the receiver stepped outside when making the catch and stopped the touchdown.

New England still had seconds on the clock to attempt to get into field goal position. The Raiders defense held off the offense and Stevenson found himself at the center of a game that was as unlikely as it was spectacular.

The running back was given the ball to run with three seconds remaining on the clock. He knew how to knit his way up the Raiders defense and decided to return the ball to his receiver Jacoby Myers with a side pass.

The receiver had nowhere to go and instead of throwing himself to the ground, he made the big shot with a long throw-in towards the back. mcjonesBut the ball fell into the hands of the defending player Chandler Jones in the middle of the field. The latter avoided a tackle by the Pats’ quarterback to turn around for 48 yards and score the winning touchdown.

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Myers faced the music after the game as he met with reporters and discussed the play that caused the Raiders to turn around.

“I wanted to do a lot and try to be the champion. It wasn’t this game that was chosen.”

“I didn’t see Chandler Jones, I thought Mac was out in the open and wanted to give him the ball.”

He summed up: “It doesn’t matter if Ramondry decides to hand the ball over to me or not, it’s up to me to play smart after that.”

This game overshadows the good meeting of Stephenson who accumulated 172 yards on the ground in addition to scoring a touchdown.

This defeat is costly to Patriots Who make a record of 7-7 from now on. The Raiders She now has six wins against eight losses.