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NFL: Matthew Bergeron’s sheer size convinced the Falcons

We always talk about conviction and passion. And when you like a player and really want him, you go for itGeneral Manager Thierry Fontenot said in a press briefing.

The Georgia organization’s staff was intrigued by what they saw from Victoriavillois during the final stages leading up to the Senior Bowl draft, which includes top prospects, at evaluation camp, as well as one-on-one meetings.

But Bergeron’s stature of 1.96 meters, 146 kilograms (6 ft 5 in, 323 lb) and vision for the game were a major factor in the decision to make him a member of the Falcons.

Fontenot felt he had to move quickly to select a Syracuse University product. Five offensive linemen have already been selected in the first round, making Mathieu Bergeron an attractive target in the second round for another team in need of that position.

Sometimes it seems as if there are cameras somewhere in the facilities. You may have a list of eight players that you want to draft and they go one at a time. But when you have a conviction that this is the choice to make and you feel good about it, as it were, we tell ourselves we have to craft it. [plus rapidement que prévu]Follow the general manager.

He has a lot of strength in his game, and we saw that in the Senior Bowl. Works as it should. We were able to spend time with him. We have a clear vision of it. We are excited to have him on our team.Coach Arthur Smith added. However, he said soThere is no pressure, but there are expectations when you invest in this way in player.

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The Falcons also drafted 1.98 m, 123 kg (6 ft 6 in, 272 lb) in the third round, Zack Harrison. We greatly appreciate the line of scrimmage. We know this is where games get lost and we’ve got two players in Matthew and Zach, we’re even bigger now. We added size, strength and powerThierry Fontenot rejoiced.

position change

The versatility of Mathieu Bergeron with the Syracuse oranges helps Quebec to claim a place in the NFL last weekend. The tackle has shown that he can play left and right during his college career.

However, the needs of the position seem somewhat limited among the Falcons, who rely on already established players. We’ll make it start from within [comme garde]. This is what we imagine him to be at this time. We like the depth we have up frontCoach Smith confirmed.

The driver is confident the 23-year-old will be able to adapt well to his new position. Things can happen quickly as a blocker, but happen even faster as a guard. […] You have to have intelligence and instinct, and we feel Matthew has those abilities, otherwise we wouldn’t have chosen usIt is to explain.

This change may also allow Mathieu Bergeron to establish himself in the Falcons’ nest for the long haul. Currently there is a gap in Atlanta’s roster at left guard. The second Quebec in the draft in the NFL could thus quickly become a starter in this situation.