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NFL - Football: The last season of some quarterbacks

NFL – Football: The last season of some quarterbacks

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Fast forward to April 26, 2018. The Cleveland Browns made Baker Mayfield the first-ever pick in the annual NFL Draft. Two rows later, the New York Jets jumped at the chance to pick Sam Darnold. Here are two widows wringing their hands as the future quarterback is added over the next fifteen years. Let’s go back to the present, Darnold and Mayfield are now in the same group of quarterbacks…in the Carolina Panthers! How cruel is the fate of the NFL quarterbacks.

However, Mayfield enjoyed success with Cleveland before being fired by Brown in favor of controversial Deshaun Watson. University of Oklahoma producer Drew Brees may not have emulated Brown as he had hoped, but he served Cleveland well and above all did what other Cleveland quarterbacks haven’t done since 1994, winning a playoff game. Just two years later, Mayfield was sold to the Panthers.

For his part, Darnold was never able to make his place in the NFL. After a tough stint in New York, he seemed to be on the right track a few weeks later in his first season in Carolina, but the coach was back in the pumpkin and Darnold was terrible before he got injured for most of the season.

With both men in the same organization, it is unlikely that both will be able to save their careers as NFL starters. Mayfield clearly had an advantage during camp and with Darnold injuring his ankle during a pre-season game, the slope would be too steep for the redhead. On the other hand, if Mayfield and the Panthers suffer failures early in the season and the former Jets veteran returns healthy, the rope could be too short for the former Heisman Cup winner.

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New York, New York

Another person who should answer his early pick is Daniel Jones of the Giants. The surprise selection of former midfielder Duke surprised many and shrieked some giants fans. We have to admit that after three seasons, critics Danny Dime They can rub their hands.

Jones simply never really progressed as a quarterback, and worst of all, he’s looked like he’s been holding back over the past two seasons. whether by Bad field workers stumble upon it Or his offensive streak failed to prevent anything, or star back Saquon Barkley failed to avoid the infirmary, Jones has no excuse. It should display a level (or two) higher, right away.

In the other New York formation, efforts were made to assist young jewel Zach Wilson in light of his second season. But since the Jets are the Jets, bad luck hit the young man and he suffered a knee injury in the first week of the pre-season schedule. The news was pessimistic, but it was ultimately a meniscus tear in the right knee that Wilson suffered. Good news in these circumstances, but the young man may miss the start of the season and without several repetitions with his teammates will have to find the rhythm in the season.

Former high hopes or young wolves?

In Pittsburgh, the quarterback is also putting a question mark as the season approaches. The Steelers are counting on starting a fight between Mitchell Trubesky and rookie Kenny Beckett. If Pickett is clearly identified as the future quarterback, it looks like Trubisky is the one who will see the field first in the first week of activities against the Bengals. The second overall pick prior to 2017 will be a chance to return to the spotlight in a key role after a contested season as backup quarterback Josh Allen at Buffalo and a mixed start to his career in Chicago. With a defense so good as in his second season, Trubisky may be able to show he has what it takes to be a key player when the game doesn’t have to rely on him entirely.

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Parallel is similar to Atlanta. Marcus Mariota – second overall pick – finally got a chance to return to his starting job after Ryan Tanehill stole him from the Titans spot. Unlike Trubisky, another former draft pick number, Mariota will have to earn his place against a novice whose name has not been heard in the first round. The Hawks waited until the third round to make Desmond Reader the second quarterback selected after Beckett.

For now, the veteran holds the keys to the Atlanta attack, but fans will quickly want to see the youngster if the Falcons have the failures many believe. Ironically, the third quarterback selected for the 2022 draft, Malik Willis, heard his name spoken by the Titans. A possible eventual replacement for the same Tannehill, although it would be very surprising if that happens in 2022.