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NFL |  Anthony Auclair is based on "Grunck"

NFL | Anthony Auclair is based on “Grunck”

Anthony Auclair has completely revised his preparation during the vacation period. A transformation Rob Gronkowski was no stranger to.

Frederick DuchesnoFrederick Duchesno

By joining Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the narrow ending and friend of Tom Brady no doubt resulted in Quebecer’s loss of playtime. But in the end, he says he learned a lot from working with Groenk last year.

It is perhaps the most complete ending in history. Seeing how he takes care of his body, and how he feeds, that’s really what made me change and build a team around this year in the off-season.

Anthony Auclair, during a video conference with the media, Friday afternoon

The Rouge et Or of Laval University producer wishes to “fetch [son] A match on another level “with the Houston Texans this year, who just left the Boch team after four seasons.

He said injuries and the fact that he was not dressed for the 2020 Qualifiers “lit the flame” and also made him think about his style.

Photo by Kim Clement, Archives USA Sports Today

Rob Gronkowski

Like Gronkowski, he aspires to become more complete and believes he can advance even more.

“But what I do will not change from one team to the next. I’m good Prevent tight endI can get passes, but I won’t change who I am. ”

My pleasure is being overlooked

Beauceron did not want to limit how many clubs were interested in his services. But, despite the difficulty of the past year in many respects – mentioned earlier – there have been those who are taking.

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“When entering the free agent market with all these factors, it was interesting to see if there was any interest. And it was there. The teams and coaches still knew me. But it was fun being able to confirm this,” admitted the narrow tip 6’6 , 256 lbs.

Among the many, Houston has always been at the top of the list.

Texas is the team that showed interest from the start. This is where the interest has been greatest, so why not go there?

Anthony Auclair

And so he leaves the organization that gave him his first chance, when not drafted, and with whom he just won the Super Bowl title. Which necessarily evokes mixed feelings.

“It’s hard in one direction, but the other way around, it’s fun to look elsewhere and get a chance to experience a fresh start.”

With Texas, he will relive the kind of ordeal he faced in his early days with the Bock family. Houston, having set 4-12 records, is clearly in the process of rebuilding. In Tampa, in his first two years, he experienced 5–11 seasons.

The possibility barely made him calm down. exactly the contrary.

“I’ve always loved being Underdog, He said. And to leave again with the team that, specifically, is leaving again, it sure is pretty cool. This is kind of what I did when I went with the pirates at first. We’ve been through three difficult years, but we’ve also built something up. So it is an amazing team and individual challenge. All together, it provides a great opportunity. ”

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A role to be determined

The 27-year-old Quebec doesn’t know exactly what to expect with Texas. He maintains that he is preparing for camp without paying careful attention to the resources of his new team in office.

“Sometimes we make the mistake of focusing on others, and we start to worry, and that’s when we often lose our job.”

He says he’s looking for a role similar to what he was with Bucs in his first three years and when he was in uniform last year.

But it is hard to believe that Auclair is secretly hoping to inherit increased offensive responsibilities.

After appearing in eight matches in 2017, he played with them throughout the following year, gaining 7 passes for 48 yards, his highest level ever.

The following year, in eight matches, a reception. Last year – marked by the arrival of Gronkowski – he was not received in eight matches (he missed six games due to injury). With a total of one reception in 16 matches in his last two campaigns.

In 2020, he participated in more matches with special teams than he participated in the attack.

Always looking for the first landing, however, he is also known for his blocking skills.