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NFL: Al Hazzoon secures NFC title by dominating Vikings

NFL: Al Hazzoon secures NFC title by dominating Vikings


The Green Bay Packers took a week off by winning the NFC Championship and Aaron Rodgers cemented his bid for the NFL MVP in a 37-10 win over the Minnesota Vikings at Sunday Night Football.

Rodgers was knocked out in the fourth quarter as his side enjoyed a comfortable lead. He completed 29 of his 38 passes for gains of 288 yards and two touchdowns.

Matt LaFleur is now 39-9 as the Packers coach (13-3). His 39 wins marked a high point in the coach’s NFL history in his first three seasons in the league.

The Packers are the only home undefeated NFL team with a chance to reach the Super Bowl without leaving Lambeau Field. Sunday’s win clearly demonstrated how a home advantage can be a factor when the temperature was -11 degrees Celsius with a wind factor pushing the temperature to -17 just before kick-off.

Wisconsin won 13 consecutive home games, but fell 31-26 at home to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the National League Final. The Packers haven’t reached the Super Bowl since 2010 and have lost in League Finals in four of the past seven seasons.

Receivers Davante Adams (11 receptions, 136 yards) and Allen Lazard (6 receptions, 72 yards) each had a touchdown pass.

Running back AJ Dillon has scored two majors. He finished the bout with 14 coaches and 63 yards.

The Vikings (7-9) have won their last two games against the Packers, but their hopes of making the playoffs are now nil.

However, Minnesota was without No. 1 quarterback Kirk Cousins, who was placed on the NFL’s COVID-19 roster just two days ago. Shawn Manion, who had just been removed from the COVID-19 list, was at the third start of his career.

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Mannion notched 189 air yards plus a touchdown pass in his first in-game appearance since 2019.

Vikings attack star Dalvin Kwok has been completely neutralized. He limited himself to 13 winning yards in nine gigs.

The Vikings have won the last two games between the two teams, but they were really unlucky without Cousins. The quarterback had 341 yards in the air and completed three touchdown passes in his 34-31 win on November 21.

The Packers won all five games after the setback.