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News from Qualcomm's "M1 Killer"

News from Qualcomm’s “M1 Killer”

What will the future chip that Qualcomm intends to put in front of Apple processors look like? Infusion specialist Koba Wojciechowski provided some information on this. under the codename mother-in-law It hides a system on a 12-core chip to compete with the Apple M1. Expected in 2024 (remember the M1 date from 2020), it will provide 8 fast cores and 4 low power cores.

The first will be based on the heart Phoenix Developed by Nuvia, a company acquired by Qualcomm in 2021 and at the center of an ongoing lawsuit Between ARM and Qualcomm. For the low-power segment, there is nothing official and Qualcomm can easily integrate new architecture such as licensed ARM cores.

If the tweet remains short enough, this indicates that performance will be promising and that clear support for dedicated GPUs will be in the game. This particular point is very interesting: Qualcomm has historically relied on Adreno GPUs for its Snapdragons, and Apple only offers its own GPUs along with its own M1 and M2 chips.

Support for traditional GPUs (in PCI-Express) means Qualcomm intends to pair its CPUs with chips from other brands, an important point in the PC ecosystem. To perform, it will take some time for you to get something to eat, unfortunately. But remember that when Nuvia was working on its own CPU, the company announced better performance than Apple’s A13 and results that beat AMD’s Ryzen 7 4700U. It is hoped that the acquisition by Qualcomm will make it possible to see more: in 2024, Apple will likely release the A18 and the architecture Zain 2 The life of the AMD processor will be about 5 years…

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