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News from Judge Cannon

News from Judge Cannon

Judge Eileen Cannon Scheduled for June 21 Hearing on a motion by Donald Trump's lawyers that the appointment of Jack Smith as special prosecutor in the classified documents case is invalid. In announcing this date, the Trump-appointed judge made two controversial decisions. It invited parties not concerned with this matter to speak out, an exceptional event. Hearings on questions at the heart of the matter that could have already been resolved have been postponed.

To comment on the jurist I interviewed CNN “The fact that these requests are the subject of a hearing is ridiculous in itself. The fact that third parties are allowed to express their opinion during the hearing is ridiculous.”

Donald Trump is not the first accused person to question the authority of a special prosecutor. Among those who have tried this maneuver in recent years: Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, and even Hunter Biden. Federal judges have always rejected it. But perhaps Eileen Cannon will find the arguments others have missed to put this issue to rest as Trump's guilt appears to be beyond doubt.

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