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News about reasonable doubt after the fateful end of the season

News about reasonable doubt after the fateful end of the season

The first season of reasonable doubt It ended on Monday, March 21, leaving viewers in suspenseful suspense to say the least.

In fact, Alice Martin-Sommer, played by Julie Perreault, was eventually in the car driven by a member of the Gaïa poker gang, Henri Nelson (Tobie Pelletier), who was involved in Simona’s sinister attacks. (Caryl Tremblay) and Jessica (Elodie Mapudou).

We understand that the investigator is in a very bad situation. Moreover, his colleague Frederic Mason (Marc-Andre Grundin) tried to warn her of the danger …

Obviously, all viewers wondered about a possible sequel to this series. Nothing has been confirmed yet. However, in response to a question from a user on Twitter today, producer Michel Trudeau of Aetios said: “ Next season in preparation. »

So we hope Radio Canada will quickly follow suit to confirm the sequel. The answer should arrive in a few weeks.

Season 2 could be a chance to learn more about the pastAlice Martin Sommer, who was also marked by attacks. This aspect appears to have developed a showmanship side that didn’t go deep into season one.

Furthermore, we would like the second season to focus more on the past and daily life of Frederic Mason (Marc-Andre Grundin), who appears to have had problems in his personal and professional life.

How did you find this season finale?

I remember the first season was written by Danielle Dancero and directed by Claude Desrosier. This led to the emergence of many captivating plots and outstanding performances. Including this one from Jean Karl Boucher.

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