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New TVA Judicial Journal: Unveiled Trailer for 'Indéfensible'

New TVA Judicial Journal: Unveiled Trailer for ‘Indéfensible’

trailerUndefensiblewhich was revealed on Monday, paves the way for many heinous actions, crimes and judicial battles that begin next September in the new legal daily TVA.

Sebastien Delorme, Anne Elisabeth Boss, and Michel Laperriere star in this dramatic novel. They depict criminal lawyers working for La Pointe MacDonald. michelle labrerre is mr.e André Lapointe and Sébastien Delorme play his partner, M.e Leo MacDonald. Ann Elizabeth Boss plays Me Marianne Desjardins and Nour Belkheiria (“Antigone”) intern.

The rest of the cast is based on Marielles Burke, who plays the attorney general. Also participating in the game are Michael Ahuja, Matthew Baron, Jean Mihawks, Marie-Yves Peron, Martin David Peters, Catherine Reno and Tatiana Zinga Putao.

Many actors will come on a journey to fan intrigues and trials. Some will play the role of criminals, others will play the role of victims. In the trailer, we can especially see Christian Beguin, Guillaume Perrault, and Hubert Proulx. Jacques L’Heureux plays the judge in the pictures shown.

Filming has been going on since last February, as the production wanted to get ahead in times of COVID, and because it’s daily, it’s best to plan the shots.

Director Stefan Simard directs the group. Nadine Bizmot is the lead author of the bookUndefensible, based on an original idea by criminal attorney Richard Dobby. Pierre Hall and Marc Besillon take care of editing the script.

The series is produced by designer and producer Isabelle Schefferer of Pixcom.alertsAnd the black lakeAnd the glitchAnd the Victor Lisard), in association with Quebecor Content.

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TVA has not confirmed the time period forUndefensible At QMI, but the sun It was reported last week that the series could be programmed by TVA directly against ICI Télé’s daily news, condition – who replaces District 31 From Monday to Thursday at 7 pm