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New trailer with threats and abilities in Metroid Dread

In a new trailer, Nintendo reveals the enemies and abilities of the Metroid Dread that will make Samus tremble.

Samos Aran is unbeatable. Or so we thought so far. A recent preview of his next game lets us see that Bounty Hunter might know what to fear on his next mission. The trailer that Nintendo is showing us now teaches us a lot: enemies, locations, and Skills in Metroid Dread.

All this with a new enemy at the helm of the Samus Aran legend. Forget about parasites or faulty robots: there is a very terrifying person on the planet he has traveled to. It is enough to defeat the bounty hunter in combat and deprive her of all her abilities. And he doesn’t do it carelessly. You can see the hatred in his bright eyes.

You can see the trailer below. We don’t just have to know the fear: the most important thing is a sample of skills, both new and classic. Samus Aran will be stronger than ever.

With every progress we see from Metroid Dread, we’re looking forward to it more. The digital fifth part of the saga starring Samus Aran will bring us new challenges, old acquaintances and a lot of horror. This adventure developed by Nintendo and Mercury Steam aims to the top of the story by finally giving us answers about the future, the Federation and Chozo.

There is not much time left to find the answers that come to mind. Metroid Dread will go on sale exclusively on the Nintendo Switch on October 8, 2021.

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We’ll see later when Metroid Prime 4 drops, Nintendo’s big promise of the future of the franchise. Could a new golden age for the most famous video game bounty hunter be approaching? We hope we have a bright future ahead.

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