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New technical problem for Google Pixel 6

New technical problem for Google Pixel 6

When you don’t want it, don’t do it! Google may receive praise for its Pixel 6 range, and its many disappointments have doubled since launch. Collage, smartphone can be opened No pre-registered fingerprint while Old chargers don’t always work. Today, Reddit users are reporting connection and signaling issues in the US, Canada, Australia, and Scotland (for now). They explain that in addition to weak signals, the Pixel 6 does not pick up at all sometimes. Google has not commented on this issue, and several solutions have been shared.

New Pixel 6 issue – Credit(s): Google

Android 12 seems to be related to this issue that appears when upgrading to this version. We talk for example about adaptive connectivity, extending autonomy by automatically switching from 5G to 4G, as the biggest culprit. By deactivating this feature, your Google smartphone will work again and can detect networks. Others offer more drastic solutions like restarting the Pixel 6 or soft reset, factory reset. Sometimes… See a new SIM!

We also learned that Exynos modems from Samsung You may be responsible and that phones with a Qualcomm chip work better. Lots of theories for a bug without an official resolution.

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