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New issue of Figaro Voyage Magazine

New issue of Figaro Voyage Magazine

Discover Queensland or Tasmania and immerse yourself in Aboriginal culture, but with a sharp selection of new hotels, experiences and itineraries… 148 pages of dreams and escapes plus an illustrated and detachable map of Australia, available on newsstands and online today.

A long journey through time…Edited by Benedict Menu, Editor-in-Chief.

Since Pythagoras, Aristotle, and Ptolemy hypothesized the Antipodes and a great southern land that guaranteed the balance of the world, Terra Australis Incognito Stimulates men’s imaginations…

A valuable symbol of Gondwana, 14 times the size of FranceAustralia A wonderful laboratory of nature, there are all the colors of escape: the laterite red of the deserts cut for adventure, the tropical green of the ancestral forests and the blue shades of the island paradise bathed in the Indian Ocean and South Pacific. It is a country of shocks and contradictions between a young collective nation and a culture with millennial roots, carelessness and seriousness.

Everywhere in the land of Oz, today can sink into its deep roots. Be guided by the Boonwurrangs and Woywurrangs at Melbourne’s Royal Botanic Gardens, a ceremonial site once important to these two tribes; In Queensland, discover the endemic fauna and flora of the world’s oldest forest (over 135 million years old) along the Bama route with Kuku yalanchis and Kuku yimithirs See the birth of the “Age of Man” Through the eyes of those who know the “Dream Age” has ended here…

Le Figaro Voyage Autumn-Winter 2022-2023, €8.50. Le Figaro

From this singular and plural Australia, a nation-world to be eagerly explored, we offer you some extracts from a wonderful kaleidoscope. From the vineyards of Tasmania to the beaches of Queensland, from the majesty of the Outback to the trendy addresses of Perth or Sydney. An unpublished map completes this special file, pointing out more than 550 national parks, countless rare animals, travel options and a guide to the seasons.

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Contents of this special Australia

  • TasmaniaIn the mountains at the end of the world
  • Lord HoweThe last stop before eternity
  • KarijiniIn the bowels of the earth
  • QueenslandIn the Sand Kingdom
  • Ecotourism: Animal encounters, hikes and lodging
  • Tribal culture: Dive into “dream time”.
  • Tear map: Australia at a glance
  • City Guides: Our addresses in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth
  • Hotel: What’s new on the island-continent
  • To Do List: 8 Extraordinary Experiences of Living in the Antipodes
  • Notes: Go there at all costs
  • Portfolio: Australia, Treasure Island

Also in this issue:

  • Trends, hotels, meetings… Our favorites around the world
  • Slow Travel: Neo-innkeepers, fame of the countryside
  • Portraits: Six nomadic personalities to follow
  • One Country, One Game: The launch will be from Chiang Mai to Kyoto
  • Travel beyond yourself: From desert to snow land
  • Boot Circuits: Meet the artisans of Asia
  • Seaside, Wellness, Family: Our good pickax
  • Gastronomy: Out of town, when creating a table destination