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New hope for Leon prisoner Benjamin Prior after talks between US and Iran

New hope for Leon prisoner Benjamin Prior after talks between US and Iran

According to multiple sources, a prisoner exchange between the US and Iran is “on the brink of success”. Lyonnais, 36, who was convicted of espionage and jailed for two years, is one hope.

A new ray of hope for Benjamin Pryor and his loved ones? According to sources cited by the group Support for the Release of analyst Fariba Adelgahles, the exchange of prisoners between US and Iranian authorities is “nearing completion”. A rapprochement that could have moved taxes while the Frenchman spent more than two years in prison in Iran.

Lyonnais was arrested in May 2020 for taking “photographs of restricted areas” with a recreational drone at a nature park in Iran. Since then, his family and relatives have been struggling to negotiate his release and repatriation. Softer relations between the US and Iran may well be good.

“Release immediately”

In a press release issued on Saturday, his sister Blandine Brière called on “the European Union and every member state, regardless of the legal status, for the immediate release of its nationals.”

“This gives us a lot of confidence in moving the US taxes,” he promises on BFM Lyon’s antenna this Sunday morning. “He believes that the European Union and France will do the same. We ask them to be released”, he underlines.

The sister of a detainee in Iran speaks of “destroyed lives, it’s a real hell for everyone,” and she wishes him to be “released as soon as possible.”

In the press release, he argues that “Europe should not be useful fools in restarting discussions between Washington and Tehran.”

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But she doesn’t want to kid herself, she says, “even though it has maintained diplomatic relations with Iran since the 1979 revolution, its record in releasing or exchanging its hostages is far worse than that of the United States.”

Sentenced to eight years imprisonment

Accused of spying and posing as a tourist, the 36-year-old was sentenced to eight years in prison on January 25. His lawyer has always hammered home his innocence.

Hours after his sentencing, the Quai d’Orsay condemned the “unacceptable” decision. At the time, the ministry assured it would “maintain regular contacts with him under diplomatic protection”.

In December, Benjamin Pryor started hunger strike The decision left him extremely vulnerable to protesting the conditions of his detention.