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New cultural space in the old riding school (Verviers)

New cultural space in the old riding school (Verviers)

Les Temps Mêlés, a concert and cultural space on a larger scale in the center of Verviers, was officially unveiled on Friday evening.

This Friday evening the official opening of Temps Mêlés, a café concert and much more, takes place in the old stables in the basement of the old Manege Verviers. It was Jean-Jacques Seif’s family and sons who bought these walls in 2018 and set up as a non-profit organization to revive them from the end of 2019 coinciding with the completion of the works.

Two years later, this 300 square meter, large 30 x seven meter auditorium, its tape, and its recording studios can finally reveal their magic to the general public (the opening has been postponed several times due to the health crisis). It’s the Yannick Heselle sextet set, made up of saxophones, piano, drums and guitars, that enlivens the evening. “This group of Verviers who went to study in Maastricht and who brought back musicians came to record in August, two years ago”Jeremy Safe explains, In return, they give us this concert. »But if these musicians play jazz, this should not be seen as an indication of the future musical style that will prevail in Temps Mêlés because they want to be open to everyone (read below).

The nonprofit also wants to attract new members. Currently, there are about ten of them volunteering their energy. “ He remained very suitable for the family, but friends stabbed him ”Jean-Jacques Seif smiles. The next step for the family bond: recognition by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.

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Parties but not only!

Les Temps-Mêlés is more than just a café party and aims to be a space of artistic openness.

Three years ago, the Temps Mêlés project started with a wish. “We are all pure Verviers. And at Verviers, with the cultural centre, the conservatory, the Maison des jeunes, etc., a lot is happening. There is already a very strong dynamic. We wanted to be part of that dynamic by offering an extra place for the culture.Jeremy Seif brings back the wind. When he was in the process, he and his father visited the cellars of the Golan and the Le Métronome Jazz club that was to be delivered, and they fell in love. “We told ourselves we really had to do something with this place!”

This thing is the ultimate café party and more! “There will be a lot of concerts, in many different styles: jazz, rap, folk, French song and world music too. We want to use the multiculturalism of the Verviers, but not only‘ confirms the sound engineer. “For example, there’s a magic show coming up in November (editor’s note: Olivier Prestant on the 10th), we’ve already shown some movies: we don’t stop at just one kind of activity.»

Thus, Les Temps Mêlés does not wish to enter the square and also remains open to all representatives of the artistic community of Verviers. On October 9, this space hosted, for example, the stadium café of the Compteur des Ressources Créatives de Verviers. On Thursday, October 14, 2021, its midday show was organized with Gaëtan Streel in collaboration with the Cultural Center and the Maison des jeunes des Récollets. Jeremy Seif concludes that Les Temps-Mêlés is “a place of artistic openness in the best possible place”.

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