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New Collective Agreement for Videotron Employees

New Collective Agreement for Videotron Employees

The majority of union employees in the Montreal area of ​​Vidéotron ltée (SEVL-2815) approved the proposed initial agreement a month ago to renew their collective agreement.

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Nearly 88% of the members voted in favor of a new seven-year contract providing a salary increase of more than 15% during that period, with two years retroactive.

“We are generally very satisfied with the outcome. With this new collective agreement, we have secured our jobs and protected our achievements. In addition, we are pleased with the fact that there has been good participation in the Virtual General Assembly,” explained on Sunday as a press release, Nick Mingyun, Chairman SEVL-SCFP 2815.

Telework modalities have also been the subject of negotiations, with a four-day workweek now allowed for certain jobs.

This agreement comes after two years of negotiations between the two parties, whereby the employer must submit a reconciliation request on March 10 in order to push the file forward. 3,000 or so employees have been on Videotron without a job contract since December 2018.

“Thanks to this agreement, we will be able to continue doing what we do best: provide a unique customer experience and develop innovative solutions. Our employees are the pillars of the Videotron and I am proud that we are all heading towards the future,” said Pierre Carl Bellado, President and CEO of Quebecor.