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New champagne label in Russia sparks France scandal

New champagne label in Russia sparks France scandal

The Professional Champagne Wine Committee rose up on Monday against a new law in Russia that preserves only Russian producers the right to display the name “champagne” on their bottles, while imported wines must include the “sparkling wine” label.

Champagne is outraged by new Russian legislation on wine labeling, the Champagne Commission wrote in a press release published on Monday, recalling the protection of the French label Champagne AOCRecognized in more than 120 countries.

Under the new Russian law, champagne wines will be able to retain the right to use the name champagne In Latin letters on the main label. On the other hand, they will have to give up the term shampoo – Translate champagne into Russian – and introduce yourself under the term sparkling wine In Cyrillic letters on the back label, the champagne commission explains.

Only Russian sparkling wine will have the right to use the name shampooCommittee adds.

Depriving the people of Champagne of the right to use the name “Champagne” (in Cyrillic) is scandalous.

Quote from:Maxime Tobart and Jean-Marie Barrelier, co-chairs of the Champagne Commission

It is our common heritage and the apple of our eyes, write Maxim Topart and Jean-Marie Barrier, co-chairs of the Champagne Commission, calling on champagne companies to stop delivery to Russia until further notice.

European Commission spokeswoman Miriam Garcia Ferrer said she was aware of the legislative change in Russia.

This will have a significant impact on wine exports. We will therefore do whatever is necessary to express our disagreement and concern with the project.She said.

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We will do whatever is necessary to protect our rights and take necessary action if this law goes into effect., she added.