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New cases of thrombosis in the brain

D.One can already lose hope. Because somehow the worm is in Astra-Geneca: first, the manufacturer cannot deliver the promised amount of its corona vaccine in the EU (which already supplies it from its European locations to the UK). In this case, the vaccine is not recommended for the elderly in Germany; It has been suspended in several European countries following cases of cerebral nerve thrombosis.

They are then re-vaccinated; Now that more cases have emerged and the risks are back in focus, it is advisable that the Astra-Geneca vaccine be given only to those over sixty years of age. Silver bullet bump coming out of infection; Confidence is put to the test.

Barriers, side effects, consumer preference – some add up, some have to do with the speed with which the vaccine hit the market, which has not yet been approved in the United States. On the other hand, Biotech / Pfizer has fulfilled its obligations so far.

If all manufacturers had fulfilled their promises, most EU adults would have received the first vaccine by the end of the second quarter. It should give you hope. But the Astra-Geneca outlook also shows how quickly the cloud can change. The United States has already warned of a fourth wave of epidemics: the number of epidemics is rising again.

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