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Netizens are victims of phishing attempts in the name of Victoriaville

Netizens are victims of phishing attempts in the name of Victoriaville

Internet users have fallen victim to phishing attempts by hackers who used legitimate email addresses of municipal and partner employees in Victoriaville to send their scams.

In particular, mischievous people are using emails from Danielle Corto, arts and culture coordinator for Victoriaville; Catelyn Grunden, Director of Communications and Marketing; and Guylaine Trottier, Director General of the Municipality of Saint-Norbert-d’Arthabaska, to ask recipients to check the bill or consult with the payment. Fake documents are attached to emails.

The purpose of these communications is to trick users into revealing sensitive information or downloading malware.

Since fraudulent emails are sent from official addresses, it is difficult to block them. That is why a specialized company was commissioned to intervene.

“City teams are mobilized and all necessary measures are taken to ensure that this attack does not spread as little as possible,” we read in a municipal press release.

It was impossible, on Wednesday evening, to know the number of victims affected by these phishing attempts. However, it will be a matter of individual accidents.

The City of Victoriaville warns citizens targeted by these emails to not reveal their password and not to open documents attached to fraudulent emails. Those who inadvertently consulted them should remove them from the software in use. The procedures to be followed are explained on the municipality’s website.

For any questions, you can call 819 758-1571 or write to [email protected]

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