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Netanyahu welcomed opponents of his judicial reform in London

They used this summit interview to vent their anger. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu He met his British counterpart on Friday Rishi Sunak At 10 Downing Street, hundreds of demonstrators gathered nearby to protest His controversial Judiciary Reform Bill.

After Rome and Berlin, Benjamin Netanyahu is continuing his diplomatic offensive in London, trying to convince the West to resist returning to the deal on Iran’s nuclear program, Israel’s number one enemy. But his trip to the UK comes amid a particularly tense atmosphere in Israel, where a judicial reform plan aimed at limiting the Supreme Court’s prerogatives is seen by its opponents as anti-democratic.

Protesters denounced “dictatorship” in Israel

Since the plan was announced in early January by one of the most right-wing governments in Israel’s history, the country has seen massive protests every week. Outside Downing Street on Friday morning, hundreds of people protested with Israeli flags. “I think Netanyahu is taking control of the Supreme Court to turn Israel into a totalitarian state, and we have to oppose it as strongly as possible,” Alon, an Israeli in his 50s, told AFP.

“It’s angry, it’s sad, it’s hard to believe that (Israel) is becoming a dictatorship. It’s important to be here because at some point they won’t have the right to demonstrate in Israel,” says 30-year-old Dana Drori, who came with her two daughters to protest the Israeli “occupation” of the Palestinian territories. Scores of demonstrators waved Palestinian flags and demonstrated.