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Negotiations: New Agreement with Quebec and CSQ

Negotiations: New Agreement with Quebec and CSQ

The Centrale des union du Québec (CSQ) announced on Wednesday a proposal for a comprehensive settlement with Quebec for nearly 125,000 members working in schools and health as well as in CEGEPs.

The agreement specifically relates to wages, retirement plans and disparities between regions, as identified.

“The draft regulation proposed by the government respects the CSQ request submitted in May 2020 for a 6% public salary increase over 3 years, with particular attention to improving the wages of the lowest employees,” the Civil Service Bureau said in a press release. Release.

“Agreements in principle have now been provided to nearly 100% of staff in health and social services as well as education,” Treasury Board Chair Sonia Label commented on Twitter Wednesday night.

We will now have to wait until the end of September for CSQ to submit a proposal for a comprehensive cross-sectoral agreement with the government to its federations and associations.

CSQ, which represents more than 206,000 members, said, “With respect to negotiations for Cree and Kativik school board staff, CSQ maintains that the proposal also provides for continued negotiations regarding the privacy of issues affecting these negotiating tables.” , including approximately 125,000 employees in the field of education.

It should be noted that several CSQ-affiliated unions have already concluded sectoral agreements with Conseil du trésor in recent days.

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