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Negative response from the jury

Negative response from the jury

The Algerian Football Federation around 1 am published a statement that was ambiguous to say the least, reporting a prior negative response from the FIFA arbitration panel in the Jasama case.

The press release stated that in response to the complaint submitted to the arbitration committee regarding the Algeria-Cameroon match, on May 6, the Federation received a letter from FIFA stating: “We regret that, at your discretion, the decisions of the referees may have a negative impact on the course of the meeting. We have taken good note of the elements of your message and can already ensure that all incidents that occurred during the match have been carefully vetted by the video referees, in accordance with the Laws of the Game and the Protocol of the Game.” Video for arbitration.

This brief press release, which partially reproduces in advance the content of the letter sent by FIFA (it would have been wise to publish a facsimile of it), does not clearly indicate that a decision has been made but does indicate that the Committee has nothing to do to reproach the referees while acknowledging the existence of incidents.. .

The press release finally opens up more questions than answers. One is knowing the real content of the file submitted by the FAF, since the message from the jury talks only about the events of the game, is there really another file that contains evidence or evidence?

With the FAF website inaccessible at this late hour and the press release distributed to other usual distribution platforms (facebook, twitter, instagram), the mystery continues to float above a file that is nervously followed by several supporters.

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Let us hope that in a few hours the union will clarify its contacts.

This is a screenshot of the FAF website and a link to the press release.