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Nazem Qadri suspended eight matches

Nazem Qadri suspended eight matches

Here it is done.

Nazem Qadri must miss the next eight matches in Colorado Avalanche. Position was suspended due to his gesture against Blues defender Justin Falk. Kate was expelled from the match, while Falk was unable to finish it.

Don’t be surprised by the NHL’s decision.

Nazem Qadri is a “frequent criminal” and absolutely deserves to suspend eight meetings. If you wanted my opinion, I would have made him miss the rest of the qualifiers. why? Simply because he does not learn: It is not the first time that such a situation has occurred.

I’ll let you look at the small table below to give you a little idea:

It would not be the first, nor the second, that he was suspended for a silly gesture – it was the sixth. At some point, a man must begin to get used to the idea that what he is doing is dangerous and that avalanche player is not.

Strangely enough, these incidents usually occur in a series in the Qadri case. Is the stress too high for a man like him? Because in intense moments, he seems to have a huge problem controlling his emotions.

But good. We’ll see if he gets the message after his last comment … the problem is guys like these never change. This is why I would have liked to see more severe penance in his case.

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Will the Colorado team be affected by this? Certainly. However, they do have the elements to go very far, with or without Kadri.

a lot of

– It is true that he is a complete defender.

– One of AHL’s best coaches.

– Fun, isn’t it?

– They will have to wake up because the hats are currently on the edge of a precipice.

– Ouch!