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National Order of Quebec: Suspension of Appointment of Ali Nestor

National Order of Quebec: Suspension of Appointment of Ali Nestor

Former boxer and coach Ali Nestor’s appointment to the position of Chevalier de l’Ordre national du Québec was suspended Monday due to the assault allegations and sexual assault he faces.

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The person who founded his organization Ali et les Prince.sse.s in the early 2000s, to help young people in difficulty, was to receive the honor on June 22.

The Treasury Board’s General Secretariat confirmed by e-mail that “the appointment of Mr. Nestor has been suspended to see if formal charges have been brought and if he is guilty”.

Ali Nestor’s ex-wife last week complained of assault and sexual abuse, which also prompted the veteran out of politics, who had just graduated from politics, to present him as a special advisor to Dennis Coudray in his race for Montreal mayor.

I know a complaint has been lodged. I do not have a statement about that. “If virtually any charges are filed, I intend to exercise my rights and defend myself,” Mr. Nestor said in a press release following this withdrawal.

His ex-wife’s complaint was filed last March with Repentini Police. He is scheduled to appear in Juliet’s court on May 26.

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