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Nathalie Choquette shocks Britain's Got Talent judges, and here's why

Nathalie Choquette shocks Britain's Got Talent judges, and here's why

Natalie Choquette He traveled to England to audition for the show Britain's Got Talent Its number, in addition to not leaving the judges indifferent, gave us a craving for spaghetti.

See the images in the video in the header.

Indeed, the well-known and beloved singer from Quebec went to London to try her luck on the popular program Britain's Got Talent His number surprised us all, including… Bruno Tonioli, Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden And Alesha DixonThe four judges.

On the song Nessun Dormamade famous by Luciano PavarottiNathalie Choquette set up a table with pasta dishes waiting for her and invited the judges to be seated.

During the performance, the singer can be seen gargling while singing and even taking a big bite. Let's just say that the organization of the test was bold. It was the end of the number that shocked Simon Cowell when he found himself covered in sauce and pasta.

After she exited the stage, the judge rushed to the deliberation table to press the four buttons that ultimately prevented Natalie Choquette from moving to the next stage.

We emphasize the authenticity of the great singer's performance and we hope to see her again very soon on our screens.

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