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Natasha Water, daughter of Jeannette Reno, announces she has cancer

Natasha Water, daughter of Jeannette Reno, announces she has cancer

It’s in an impressive post Instagram that Natalie Water A 54-year-old woman announced that she had uterine cancer. Remember that in addition to being a daughter Jeanette RenaudNatasha has a blog and channel Youtube under the technical title.

In his emotional testimony, he stated:

Today I offer myself flowers and tenderness. Yesterday June 2, 2022, I knew I was going to have another challenge in my life today, uterine cancer.

Life is full of surprises and challenges, sometimes it’s mind-boggling and unusual, other times it’s disappointing and even a slap in the face. But this is called LIFE and it is up to us to live it as we wish.

Sometimes it happens that the good news we are not very happy with, however, other times the bad news we live it very hard and we shouldn’t because in the end it’s not very serious but when it happens we don’t really know where it will lead us then out of fear We become weak and depressed.

A lot of times it’s essential that you grow and walk like you should, even if these periods are sometimes hard to digest, I know they make us grow anyway and sometimes they change our lives and make us make the best decisions for ourselves.

There are people who stay this way without asking questions or even changing anything in their lives and they don’t even know that through experiences we learn how to grow and become better. For my part, every time life shocks me with such events, I take the time to analyze and see the positivity of the situation and we can talk seriously about the challenges I have faced recently.

I hesitated before writing today or telling you about it, but I’m doing it because something tells me I have to, so I’m writing, and on top of that, this is what I started doing there 5 years ago when I created MY HEALTH ONE DAY AT TIME. After 5 years, I made my way back down this road with curiosity.

Natacha XOXO photo taken by my friend Stephanie Lachance. #health # Cervical cancer #cancer #a challenge # good morning #positive

We wish Natasha a speedy recovery and get well soon! We are with you from the bottom of our hearts Natasha!

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