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Natalie Cade receives the Pink Ribbon Award

Natalie Cade receives the Pink Ribbon Award

The Sisters of the Ink, which she founded and chairs, is best known for her work in the fight against breast cancer. This award will fund tattoos for patients.

For the six years since she founded Sisters Ink, Natalie Kayed has supported women with breast cancer in their reconstruction by helping them reclaim their body, identity and intimacy and thus restore self-esteem through tattoos. This Thursday, at Bordeaux City Hall, she received from the Ruban Rose Society, which raises awareness and supports research against breast cancer, one of two awards given this year for quality of life. A “massive acknowledgment” for the plastic artist who sees “tattooing being recognized as an adjunctive therapy for these women” when not so long ago such body art could have been poorly understood.

Stopping this award, amounting to €100,000, “will allow us to support funding tattoos for one hundred women over the next three years, as announced by the President, as well as perpetuating the employment of an ’employee'”. The association also intends to “fund a national study by researchers in sociology and psychology on the quality of Life and What Tattoos Bring” which the president hopes will also be used in medicine.

Natalie Cade shared this Quality of Life award with all the members and support her association.

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