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NASA wants to give new missions to its drone on Mars

NASA wants to give new missions to its drone on Mars

The drone cleverness It exceeds all NASA predictions. Originally, it was sent to Mars with the persistent rover to prove it was possible to fly on the red planet. The agency now wants to go much further and move from a technology demonstration to a business offering. This may involve taking short trips to mark paths and photographing the terrain before dispatching the perseverance.

Complementary view of the sky

This recognition would be a simple reward, not a necessity. However, these trips will have major benefits, according to NASA. The rover will no longer need to spend much time searching for scientific targets, that is, rocks and sediments that may contain traces of life. And a picture will complement the pictures of the rover.

“This close partner can offer a different perspective – a view from the sky. We will take this opportunity and work with it – and fly with it.”Said MiMi Aung, Innovation Project Manager at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Southern California.

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Bara’a is scheduled to make its fourth flight this week, but had a hard time taking off last Thursday. His last test was scheduled for the end of August. The way these last tests unfold will determine the rest of his adventures.

Source : At NASA

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