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NASA rubber bunkers, what are they for and how do “rubber chambers” work.

NASA rubber bunkers, what are they for and how do “rubber chambers” work.

When it comes to space exploration, one of the most important locations is definitely location Launch Complex 39 Subordinate Kennedy Space CenterFlorida: Many missiles were launched from here Saturn V She went to the moon during the Apollo space missions. However, what not everyone may know is Depth 12 metres Under launch pads 39A and 39B are Cellar system With walls completely covered in rubber, the worm is called “ Rubber chamber“. This is an emergency facility designed to house technical personnel in the event of an emergency during take-off.

In this case, in fact, the first thing to do to get the rocket off the ground is to use a special device. elevator Once you reach the ground, open A hatching. There will be a long slide there 61 metres Which would lead to the interior of this room whose walls were made Rubber covered cushions Which was his goal Absorption of shock waves. To make everything safer, there was a thick steel door 15 cmReinforced concrete walls and reinforced floor smooth To absorb any vibrations. The structure can withstand pressure 35 kg/cm2 With acceleration up to 75 grams.

Inside it was possible to find it 20 fixed chairs Equipped with seat belts, toilets, fire blankets, Water, supplies and filters to ensure tenants stay safe for at least 24 hours. Once the emergency was over, employees were able to Abandon the basement Thanks to the tunnel that would have led to 366 metres From the platform.

These rooms are not actually Never used Otherwise during emergency simulations, the one below platform 39B was even farm For fear of possible health problems associated with it Lead paint user. Over time, NASA patented other systems for emergency evacuation of personnel.

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