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NASA reveals a "teaser" for the upcoming trip to the moon

NASA reveals a “teaser” for the upcoming trip to the moon

French astronaut Thomas Pescet dreamed of being part of this new American mission to the moon.

TheAmericans are returning to the moon for the first time since then The Apollo 17 mission in 1972, soon. Through the Artemis I program, astronauts will leave Earth in the direction of the night star aboard the Space Launch System rocket. NASA also revealed a video on its Twitter account on Monday, May 17. In less than three minutes of photos, the US Space Agency explains the various stages from the launch of the device, which is planned at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, to the landing on our natural satellite on board a Starship rocket. Designed by SpaceX. Between the two, the astronauts will reach lunar orbit through the Orion capsule.

In the year 2024, two astronauts, including at least one and possibly one woman Thomas Pesquet who dreamed of going to the moon, On board a Space Lauch System rocket. According to the teaser published by NASA, the dangerous things will start ten minutes before take-off, with the usual checks in particular, the continuous filling of the tanks with liquid oxygen and hydrogen or even the ignition of the engines before the last famous countdown. Ten seconds. Finally, the long-awaited launch and its various stages of the rocket once it reaches space.

If this new mission to the Moon succeeds, NASA already knows what its next space targets will be: among other things, the conquest of Mars, and a planet on the surface of the Moon. […] read more

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