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NASA astronaut tries 'space tacos' with the first chili peppers grown in space

NASA astronaut tries ‘space tacos’ with the first chili peppers grown in space

On Saturday, October 30, astronauts aboard the International Space Station tasted the first harvest of space-grown chili peppers. Sharing photos of space-grown food, NASA astronaut Megan MacArthur tweeted, “Finally, I’ve made the best space tacos yet: beef fajitas, sun-dried tomatoes, artichokes, and chili to hatch!” The chili leaf was grown in space as part of Plant Habitat – 04, NASA’s series of experiments to grow food crops in space, a feat that could make space missions long-lasting and sustainable.The first image shows a taco floating near MacArthur’s mouth.Looking closely at the second image, you can see the top layer of the taco. Among the spongy tomatoes and other garnishes, fresh green peppers stand out. In another photo, MacArthur displays his crop of space crops – five hot peppers standing on the ground. The images represent the success of the chili-growing experiment, which according to International Space Station research is “one of the “Toughest plant experiments at stations yet.” After getting their “space tacos,” astronauts filled out surveys to collect data from the experiment, MacArthur said in his tweet. Any chili left over after tasting will be returned. Astronauts to Earth for further study.

No other space taco fillers have been prepared in space, and they were either brought by astronauts on their flight to the International Space Station or NASA sent them on mission rockets to refuel. For more than 20 years, NASA astronauts have lived and worked in space, packing food with the occasional fresh meals that arrived in cargo hold. While space missions store food very efficiently by freezing it, drying it and using other means of preservation, essential nutrients – vitamin C or vitamin K – deteriorate over time, a problem that raises health concerns. Astronauts on long-term missions such as the Moon or Mars. Growing and eating space-grown food is nothing new to astronauts aboard the International Space Station. The astronauts were able to grow and eat 10 different cultures in orbit. However, growing chili peppers, which are rich in vitamin C, was the most complicated cultivation experience aboard the International Space Station due to the “long germination and growth periods of the plant”.

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