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Naomi Osaka breaks down in tears during a press conference

Naomi Osaka breaks down in tears during a press conference

In her first press conference since last May, Japanese teary-eyed Naomi Osaka erupted Monday in Cincinnati.

Everything was going well until Paul Dougherty, the Cincinnati Enquirer, asked her about your passive-aggressive tone, how she hated talking to the sports media at press conferences when she had interests outside of Canada, the well-served tennis of the media.

Osaka, who was visibly shaken, responded that she was a tennis player first and foremost and that’s why, basically, the media is talking about her. After this reply I started crying and left the press conference for a moment before returning to answer some questions about tennis.

The angry Osaka agent responded to this scene.

“The Cincinnati Enquirer bully is the perfect example of why the relationship between players and the media is so tense right now,” he told reporter Ben Rothenberg.

Everyone present at this press conference will agree that the tone used was bad and that the sole purpose was to intimidate. This suggestion that Naomi owes her out-of-court success to the media is a myth. Don’t be too satisfied”

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