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Nadig Saint Philip died of cancer

Nadig Saint Philip died of cancer

TVA weather presenter Nadig Saint-Philippe succumbed to cancer on Saturday, surrounded by her family.

“There are few words to express the sadness we feel, Nadège will leave a very big void. We lose a dear colleague, but also a friend of the big TVA family,” can we read in a press release from TVA Nouvelles.

The entire TVA Nouvelles family wishes their most sincere condolences to her husband, friends and family.

“It’s a true ray of sunshine, and it’s marked our daily lives and our newsroom for more than fifteen years,” says Xavier Brassard-Bedard, TVA’s editor-in-chief.

A person who has been a Groupe TVA weather presenter since 2006 was first diagnosed with stage 3 colorectal cancer in 2011.

“I knew it because, sorry to say, my body was literally bleeding. I didn’t want to know, maybe, but I said to myself ‘It’s going to stop, everything will be fine, I’m right.’ So I didn’t change anything in my daily activities”, It was mentioned in March 2021 on the “Deux filles le matin” program.

In the fall of 2021, his doctor called him to tell him that the tumor he had removed was cancerous. “I was relieved, I told myself that everything was behind me. Unfortunately, a few weeks after the operation, my doctor told me that what he had removed was cancerous; all the analyzes confirmed that. So, despite the beautiful mandates entrusted to me, for my health, it is not I have no choice but to take a break from my career, she told “La Semaine” magazine.