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My world, Angel? Do not doubt it.

We may not expect Angèle to be back in Montreal in a couple of years performing at the Olympic Stadium, but she’s on the right track… However, let’s get back to the present moment on a rainy Saturday evening that we have to remind him of his homeland.

record name and tour (ninety five) takes us back to the year of his birth: 1995. A few minutes before he took the stage, when he was a senior 95 Shown on the giant screen, we hear the full speed blow of that era, Baby again (1998) by Britney Spears, sung by heart by all six teenage girlfriends sitting in the row in front of me, even though none of them were born at the time.

The tone was set for about 11,000 spectators: young mothers, young women, teenagers and children. A real family evening for these females three quarters of the audience, up to 80 percent.

This is largely due to the widespread interest Angèle has shown since its beginnings. The Belgian is one of those artists who are genuine and talk about current concerns. Thousands of young girls get to know themselves and get to know them and give them back.

Several times during the evening the singer and dancer – very well – addressed the audience directly as if we were in a room of 1,500 people, making contact on a human scale.

It was the first time a soda club opened. And there, we do two bell centers. What madness!said, who explained it during her first record tour (prol), she wasn’t always aware of what was happening to her, but now she wants to fully “have fun”.

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The pleasure seemed to be mutual more than once between the artist and her fans, and this regardless of the approach. Opening songs like More sense And You look at meor some were delivered in the last stretch before being called as free And mysterious He made use of the six dancers’ contribution with elaborate choreography.

Angèle in concert on June 16, 2019 at Francos de Montréal.

Photo: Courtesy of Francophiles/Frédéric Maynard Aubin

Four years earlier, during Angel’s visit to Francos de Montréal’s MTelus, she had written that she danced in a certain spontaneity, in contrast to her contemporary Christine and Queens, who danced with tremendous precision. This is no longer true. The current tour, which will take her to New York for three performances in the coming days, will be more ambitious than its predecessor, and the theatrical contribution—reading, dance budget—has been revised upward.

Angèle and her dance troupe often perform choreography that takes us back to the golden years of Paula Abdul or Janet Jackson, where the synchronization is subtle. However, other sequences during which his team runs around his clean white sneakers allow him to maintain his personality, going against the grain of the whole.

Sometimes, we tell ourselves that Angèle doesn’t really need a boost on the board because she gets it from her fans. It was necessary to hear this general singing in unison on almost all of the proposed titles during this nearly two-hour concert. Especially during yes or no – kind of a contemporary version of You want or you don’t wantBrigitte Bardot – or while Forget everything, as the lyrics were scrolled across the screen. This idea is a bit superfluous, as onlookers knew the song.

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Here and there, the Belgian has taken the trouble to contextualize the genesis or significance of her songs.

Some are easier to type, like the following. I wanted to write a love song. Seventy percent of the songs written are love songs, but not 70 percent are lesbian love songs. »

Quote from Angela

And there, with the flag of the lesbian community on her shoulders, she sang your queen, sending an undeniable electric current through the audience. Similar reaction when I sat down at the piano to lead a row Taxi And singleTwo songs about complex interpersonal relationships. The first was great with Bell Center being lit up by mobile phones, and the second was sung with chorus and eagerly by the spectators.

Belgian singer Angel performs at the Coachella Festival in the United States.

Belgian singer Angel performs at the Coachella Festival in the United States.

Photo: Getty Images/Emma McIntyre

My world, Angel? Do not doubt it. She was accompanied by Dua Lipa in the virtual duet of FeverWhich led to a very successful joint clip between the two artists with different backgrounds and languages. She also had her compatriot Damso behind her during the dynamic demonson call.

But it just needed the crowd to tip Bale’s center with what’s now unmissable your swing whatBorn in the denunciation movement swing your pig. This song has become a unifying and universal anthem across generations, all at the same time.

International, to be sure, but proud of its origins. As evidence, I closed the evening with Brussels, I love youWith Note The audience here is somewhat similar to the audience in Belgium. Six decades ago, Jacques Brel evoked the city’s past with Brussels. In the present, Angel talks about her love for her city in the present tense.

But she is not mean. huge Montreal I love you He appears on screen during the last notes of the song and during the final salutations. With a reward: Tomorrow!.