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My neglected life in France with a vaccine passport

My neglected life in France with a vaccine passport

This British journalist, who has lived in France since the introduction of the vaccine pass and has been vaccinated twice, has been alienating himself from much of French society, as he said in Conservative Weekly. Viewer.

On January 24, the vaccination pass came into effect and I have no right to enter the bar or restaurant. I can not go to the museum, the cinema. I am not allowed to attend sports or concerts. I can’t get on the regional train or enter the mall. Also I am no longer allowed to go to the public swimming pool for long periods of time or run on the path of the municipal grounds.

Of course, in a few seconds I can be a full member of French society again: all I have to do is go to the nearest vaccination center, roll up one of my shirts and inject a third dose. The French say “rappel”. But I weigh the pros and cons, Dr. in these pages. I read various magazine articles including the one signed by Steve James and decided that two injections were enough for me. As the doctor writes, “If the right to dispose of one’s body is forced or questioned, our free society will be under control.”

I was strengthened at my end of the holidays in the UK, seeing that my parents had been vaccinated three times by Omicron. If I had not been one of the lucky asymptomatic, I would have escaped this serious infectious variant. Anyway, I’m never smoked, I exercise regularly and eat healthy: I’m confident in my immune system.

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No doubt there will be a couple of puffs who are annoyed by this article and call me “antivox” – a simple insult to anyone who dares to express the slightest suspicion. I’m not completely against the vaccine, on the other hand I’m against hysteria, but Macron has made France hysterical. Coming back here last week after spending almost a month in the UK, I felt like I was stepping into another world. I first thought that one of the first people I ran to was an old woman with a blue beard – in fact, she was wearing four overlapping masks, two horizontal and two vertical.

Staying in the UK for a long time is a pleasure. More precisely I enjoyed months of freedom


Gavin Mortimer

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“The Spectator” is a British newspaper company. Founded in 1828, it is a reference newspaper for conservative intellectuals and leaders, but Euroseptics: Viewer Supported leaving the Union


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