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"My husband was intubated in Italy and I still don't have a passport"

“My husband was intubated in Italy and I still don’t have a passport”

Difficulties in renewing a passport not only affect those wishing to travel, some of them have to get it to join loved ones ill abroad.

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This is the case of Lucy Fontaine, originally from Saint-Ambroise-de-Kilder, in Lanudiere, who is trying to get her passport as quickly as possible in order to join her Italian husband who has had a tube inserted into a hospital in Italy.

“I just want to scream. She testified Wednesday morning in front of the Service Canada Center on Rue Marcel Lorraine in Montreal.

The lady first went to a service center in Laval, but the line was larger than what she had been waiting for on Wednesday, she said.

I have a paper from the doctor ordering me to go to Italy because my husband is already there. “He’s not really feeling well, he’s been intubated, and I’m having trouble getting my passport,” Ms Fontaine explained.

Her husband was receiving oxygen on Monday and is now in a semi-comatose state.

“The problem isn’t there, it’s here.”

Even if her flight is scheduled for Sunday, Lucy Fontaine will be ready to leave early, because she fears the deterioration of her husband’s health. She is also the only one who can make decisions on his behalf.

But at the moment, she still does not have her passport.

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