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My Health Space: Let's Talk About Privacy

My Health Space: Let’s Talk About Privacy

3. Hide my documents

If you want to restrict access to your documents to keep some of your data confidential, you can hide the documents directly in your account. To do this, you can hide your documents one by one, or choose to hide them all by default (the option is available in the settings).

The people who have access to the hidden documents will be the healthcare professional who added the document, the treating physician, any healthcare professional to whom you have given the status of ‘administrator’, and yourself.

Note: These health professionals can also, at your request, hide documents, even if they are not the authors. You will be notified of this action by e-mail.

This judgment is especially important for patients who follow pathways that may expose them to medical discrimination: people with HIV, pathways in addiction science or psychiatry, etc. Also for these patients, France Assos Santé asks the public authorities to leave the user the option to withdraw the rights granted to the attending physician, depriving him of access to hidden documents.

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