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Music MiniPlayer revives iTunes 10 player on macOS

itunes code 2018Sure, developer Mario Guzman does everything for iTunes nostalgia. after l Etude Last year, this time it offers a more complete player to put anywhere. Dubbed the “Music MiniPlayer,” it aims to offer one of the most useful features in the latest version of iTunes 10. The tool replicates the classic design of old Apple software, but with some welcome modern additions.

New player for Apple Music on Mac

It was removed from macOS in 2019 with the release of macOS Catalina (in favor of many apps and a file Device management via FinderiTunes certainly has a lot of flaws, but Apple’s all-in-one software offered some great features for managing music, videos, and more.

That’s where Mario Guzman’s “Music MiniPlayer” comes in, an extended version of Apple Music. It’s actually a utility that interacts with the Music app built into macOS.

music player miniplayer itunes player mac

Using the original design of the iTunes 10 mini player, the app is encoded with 100% Core Graphics and Core Animation frameworks in Swift. It provides the same controls, including quick access to the play and pause buttons, the next and previous buttons, a slider, and details about the song, album, and artist that is currently playing. But instead of stopping there, “Music MiniPlayer” also provides quick access to all your playlists with shuffle or repeat options. Unless the Music app no ​​longer opens, because the app can still be displayed on top of your desktop windows. so yes, Apple Music It does indeed offer some kind of widget, but that’s more discreet and ultimately more effective.

The app requires macOS Big Sur or later to run, and is intended to be a universal duo that works on Mac M1 and Mac Intel. Translations are available in English, Spanish, Finnish, German and Polish. Not yet in French.

If you feel nostalgic about iTunes or just want a useful tool, you can download Music MiniPlayer for free from mario guzman website.

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