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Municipal elections: Jocelyn retracts on the fourth link

Municipal elections: Jocelyn retracts on the fourth link

The claim that it was “poorly expressed” the day before by invoking the possibility of a 4NS The link that links Quebec to Vis, Jean-François Jocelyn retracted that idea on Thursday.

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No infrastructure (A 3NS link and 4NS Link). did not understand? I was wrong. I hope this morning (Thursday) was clear enough,” the chair of the Quebec 21 Speech Commission agreed, when pressed for questions, Thursday morning, on the sidelines of a press conference.

While she reiterated her support for 3NS Link, Mr. Jocelyn said he wanted to “provide solutions”. His idea would be that 3NS The link is now for “mixed” use of cars and public transport.

Within the tunnel, there will be a “crossroads” – or a kind of “Y” – which will allow public transportation to “continue” to downtown Quebec City and cars to exit further “east”. However, the mayoral candidate did not want to say exactly where he was referring to a possible exit to the east.

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“It’s not easy to do this morning. Yesterday, I wasn’t as clear as today, back off. Today, I can’t be clearer than that (…) Everyone unites. When you arrive in Quebec, public transportation continues downtown and heads The East Branch of Land Transport”.

On Wednesday, Mr. Jocelyn created some surprises It brings up the possibility of a third and fourth link. He also claimed that the 3NS The link will be dedicated exclusively to public transportation before the Thursday rollback.

“I hear that a lot on the pitch. People tell us: ‘We’re with the Quebec and Levis tunnels.’ We’re not sure of the highway exit in the heart of downtown Quebec,” he said on Wednesday.

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He added, “As mayor of Quebec, my vision is exactly this: It’s public transportation from downtown to downtown. As for the highway, it’s trucking, really east.”

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