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Multiple network names can turn off your smartphone’s Wi-Fi

iPhone error completely disabling Wi-Fi is more serious than previously thought. A computer security researcher has just discovered that other network names can create the same problem if they have something in common.

Apple has yet to correct the iPhone bug, which now appears to be taking on even larger dimensions. a few weeks ago, Computer security researcher Carl Schou has revealed that a certain Wi-Fi network can disable all Wi-Fi related features of an iPhone. The network name in question is “%p%s%s%s%s%n”. However, it appears that this is not the only one that poses a problem.

iPhone – Credit: Frederik Lipfert / Unsplash

While waiting for a fix from Apple, Carl Schou has continued to study this interesting bug. Find out that other network names can affect your iPhone’s Wi-Fi network. They all have one thing in common. It’s about The percent sign “%” that represents a percentage.

The new network name is about to permanently turn off iPhone Wi-Fi

Carl Shaw gave more details about his account Twitter. In particular, he discovered a network name that was almost capable of this Permanently turn off iPhone Wi-Fi. In fact, “%p%s%s%s%s%s%n” causes only a temporary error. Simply reset your iPhone network settings to restore Wi-Fi.

Even more dangerous is the new network name that Carl Shaw discovered. its name ” % secret club % strength The security researcher explained that “ You can permanently turn off Wi-Fi for any iOS device by hosting a public Wi-Fi network called %secretclub% power. Resetting network settings cannot be guaranteed to restore functionality ».

After several attempts, Carl Shaw contacted Apple via email, but to no avail. finally succeeded in Restore iPhone Wi-Fi With the help of other developers. According to Carl Shaw, ” To restore Wi-Fi functionality, you need to manually edit iPhone backup and remove malicious entries from known .plist networks ».

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Finally, this iPhone error is becoming more and more worrying. Not all users may be able to restore their iPhone Wi-Fi by themselves after connecting malicious network. Apple has yet to confirm if it is currently working on a fix. In the meantime, avoid connecting to any Wi-Fi network marked with the “%” sign.

Source : the edge