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Multimedia experience |  Quebec studio wins over Minecraft

Multimedia experience | Quebec studio wins over Minecraft

Maine Craft, one of the most iconic and best-selling video games in history, will be at the heart of an all-new multimedia experience opening in Dallas. And the creators of Quebec.

Bromont-headquartered studio Supply+Demand has won Microsoft's international invitation to bid to develop an immersive experience inspired by the popular video game with its very own aesthetic. His address: Minecraft experience.

“We approached Microsoft for the rights to the game,” explains Olivier Goulet, founder and CEO of the studio. “They liked the idea and decided to hold an international call for bids. It was this call that we won.”

Why care about games? Maine Craft ? “It's a game that fits well with our philosophy of creating narrative and educational experiences. This is a game that kids can play without any problem. There's a beautiful moral behind this game where everyone wins… It's a game that interests young and old alike. I was recently told that Robert LePage modeled his shows on his own Maine Craft ! »

More than 70 people will develop this highly interactive immersive experience in which participants will have to carry out a mission: to save a village from a zombie attack. To do this, they will have to collect ingredients that will be used to create an antidote to cure the undead.

Participants will be equipped with a light-up cube that vibrates when performing certain actions, and will wander through seven separate rooms to try to rescue as many villagers as possible. In total, the activity will last for an hour.

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“It is truly a participatory experience. Our exhibitions are not just black boxes with performances where the audience remains passive,” says Olivier Goulet.

Minecraft experience It will be at the crossroads between escape games, arcades and immersive experiences. You don't need to know the game to enjoy it.

Olivier Goulet, founder of Supply + Demand

“We will not recreate the game as it is at home,” he adds. Instead, we intend to provide another perspective on this game, but 100% respectful of the codes, mechanics, and aesthetics.

Technology that stands out

To implement this project, the Supply and Demand team will use technology it has developed itself and which has been used in various projects, in particular at the Telus Spark Science Center in Calgary, where several immersive exhibits have been presented.

“It is 100% Quebec exhibition technology and is completely modular. For example, it allows museums to present different exhibitions during the same day,” explains Olivier Goulet.

Photography by François Roy, Press

Olivier Goulet and Nassib Al-Husseini, President and CEO of 7 Fingers. The circus troupe invested in the adventure Minecraft experience.

The latter, who headed Cirque du Soleil's multimedia department for 5 years in addition to founding Geodezik, has more than 25 years of experience in the multimedia arts sector. He has notably collaborated on performances by artists such as Taylor Swift, Foo Fighters, and Michael Bublé.

However, he openly admits it: the opportunity to collaborate with Microsoft on Minecraft experience It could serve as a springboard for the multimedia startup that was founded three and a half years ago.

This is a great project that can open many doors for us. We are already working to acquire other intellectual property rights. Several announcements are scheduled to be made in the coming months.

Olivier Goulet, founder of Supply + Demand

In short, the Quebec studio seems to have the wind in its sails. One thing is for sure, the project Maine Craft It turns heads already. “A tour is being organized in North America. The project will pass through Europe. It is coming,” confirms Olivier Goulet, who adds that the immersive experiences signed by Supply + Demand will soon be presented in Quebec. And also from Canada. “It is coming,” he says.

The seven fingers involved in the adventure

The vast majority of employees who will work on development Minecraft experience You will be working from 7 Fingers' studios on Saint-Laurent Boulevard. In fact, the circus company is a small shareholder in and partly funded by Supply + Demand Minecraft experience.

For Naseeb Al-Husseini, president and CEO of 7 Fingers, the circus troupe's involvement in the multimedia startup is a way to encourage the “new local pioneer.”

“We have worked with Olivier for several years. He especially helped us with the show Royal Tavern. For Les 7 Fingers, investing in this studio and in the Minecraft project represents a way to increase our independent income. Because times are tough right now for the performing arts community in Quebec…”

Minecraft experience It will be shown in Dallas starting September 20th. Tickets are already on sale.

Visit the event website (in English)

What Maine Craft ?

In this game, only blocks are used to represent reality. The player immerses himself in a 3D world and can interact with the world by breaking or placing blocks.

In Creative mode, the player can recreate famous landmarks or design whatever they want. The player can create his own goals and share his creations.

In survival mode, he must harvest resources to survive against threats.

The game was created in 2009 by Swede Markus Alexi Persson and has sold more than 300 million copies. Maine Craft It has since been sold worldwide, making it the best-selling video game in history, according to Microsoft.