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Mourinho’s great regret for Benzema

France national team: Mourinho’s great regret for Benzema

If the new Roma boss had no mercy for the Blues after their elimination, he also expressed his regret for the Real Madrid striker.

Special One was particularly critical of the attitude of EDF players after Paul Pogba’s third goal. However, the ex-Tottenham boss returned to this meeting and expressed his disappointment with his former protégé in the White House between 2010 and 2013 on the TalkSPORT microphone: “It makes me a little sad that France didn’t come through because I think Benzema could be… Cristiano Ronaldo no, Lionel Messi no, Mbappe no… I think Benzema will finally have the chance to get an award or a golden ball or something.”

Jose Mourinho also spoke about the striker’s performance since his return to the selection before praising his performance in the Round of 16: “He is a great player, he played well, under tremendous pressure. Returning to the national team, he was under tremendous pressure and was fantastic (…) His goal The first is great because Mbappe’s pass wasn’t good. Benzema runs and the pass arrives behind him. He connects with his left foot to put the ball in front of him and he attacks again, then the goalkeeper comes out and hinders him a lot but he turns the ball with the left foot towards the goal. Technically this is a great goal from a brilliant player” .

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