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De gauche à droite : Patrick Flick (CFTC), François Dosso (CFDT) et Richard Caudy (CGT), à Freyming-Merlebach, le mardi 8 mars 2022.

Moselle miners denounce ‘rogue state’ tactics

It’s rare enough to confirm: CGT, CFDT, FO, CFTC and CFE-CGC have united at the national level, To denounce the state’s position in the procedures initiated by the former palaces To identify cancers, silicosis and other respiratory diseases as occupational diseases.

For several years, according to these unions, the state judicial official, representing the interests of the Charbonnages de France, which has since disappeared, Systematically challenges former employees’ exposure to toxic and carcinogenic products, thus delaying thousands of files. They do not hesitate to talk about behavior befitting a “rogue state”.

Lauren is clearly interested in the miners in the coal field, but also with the salt and iron mines … In short, all subsidiaries of the mining system.

Thousands of pending cases

Why do these difficulties appear only now? Because if the mines were closed years ago, It is now that the former employees have fallen illand to proceed with the procedure to be recognized as an occupational disease, and to be compensated accordingly. However, hundreds of thousands of files were rejected or their scanning delayed. First, because exposure to toxic products is almost systematically contested by state representatives or their lawyers. “We feel mistrust of the whole company‘, deplores Richard Cody, of CGT Mines.this is unacceptable. Victims suffer in their bodies, their rights are deprived, while the consequences and actions are often in their favor.“.

Another pitfall that makes files last indefinitely: Pieces that get lost. Unions are asking for more than just an acknowledgment of receipt: proof that Social Security is processing a particular file. “We are no longer sure until today that the files are taken care of properly, because the services that deal with these issues lack the meansRichard Cody explains.

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guilds So I invite those who are interested to approach themto investigate their requests and appeals.

There is no response from the ministry yet.

a Message sent on February 24 To Bruno Le Maire, Minister of Economy (oversight, director), to request the reception, and to demand an end to this cruelty, but it remains unanswered for the time being.

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