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Morocco: With a slap on the Atlas Lions, Halilotjik saved his players

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This is not really the ideal scenario to start getting ready for the World Cup. Travel to the United States to face the American team in a friendly match, The Morocco Comes back with a nice room on the cheek. The awkward 0-3 draw with goals from Aaronson, Weh and Wright sowed doubt in Qatar just months before the World Cup.

Halilhotsik compares the received room

Overall performance it is Wahid Hallilhotsik Surprisingly, he underestimated the sad evening because the audience was so worried about Morocco’s performance. “This score is not a bad thing. It will calm us down because the World Cup is something else. There is nothing we can do if we are not physically above. We are not above, exhausted and some have a few injuries.”

Coach Wahid is more satisfied with sounding the alarm after this failed joint operation than he knows how to do his troops well. “It simply came to our notice then. We were less realistic, but I knew it would be physically difficult. We are not in the best shape. It may wake us up as we prepare for the World Cup. ⁇


It was cold for Morocco to qualify for the next World Cup to be held in Qatar, but it suffered a painful setback. What motivates Atlas Lions coach Wahid Hallilchik to redesign his forces after the meeting.