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Morocco - Faouzi Lekjaa: I am in constant contact with Samuel Eto'o

Morocco – Faouzi Lekjaa: I am in constant contact with Samuel Eto’o

Long accused of maneuvering to the side FIFA to postpone can 2021 The president of the Moroccan Football Association denied everything, in a recent interview with Jeune Afrique. Selected pieces.

« These are baseless and illogical rumors. At the general meeting of Adequate, in Cairo, we unanimously validated the beginning can From January 9. Cameroon was due to host this edition two years ago, but it needed time to fully prepare. I made a statement to say that the Kingdom is using all means to assist Cameroon in organizing the competition.

When the Omicron variant began to actively spread, Chairman AdequateMr. Mostby invited the members of the Executive Committee to a meeting devoted exclusively to its agenda can in the health context. At the end of this meeting, I congratulated Cameroon on its adaptation efforts. We have always been by his side and vice versa.

Furthermore, I am in constant and permanent contact with the new president of the Cameroon Football Federation, Samuel Eto’o. The Moroccan national team has been in Cameroon since January 2, making it one of the first to arrive there. ».

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